Charming volunteers


Charming volunteers is an original monotype printed in 2021 on Masa paper. Image size: 8″x8″

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The longest day of the year scatters these small, white lilies around certain yards in my neighborhood. They pop up seemingly randomly, and disappear in their time or when the lawn is mowed, whichever comes first. The emergence of these little flowers are small gifts given by nature.
Entirely hand-crafted using non-toxic Akua intaglio ink, this unique artwork was created in 2021 and is not part of an edition. This artwork was made on acid-free Masa paper, with one-inch margins surrounding the image. Image size is 8″ x 8″ (paper size 10″x10″). The edition/date/signature written in pencil by the artist along the bottom margin.
If mounted to wooden panel, paper margins will be removed and edition/date/signature will appear on the back of the panel.

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Unframed, Mounted on 7/8" cradled wood panel