Waiting for hummingbirds


Waiting for hummingbirds is an original mixed media monotype printed in 2021 on Fabriano Unica paper. Image size: 8″x8″

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Red calamint wildflowers live in sandy soil and splash their bright red flowers proudly against their scrubby backdrops. Once prolific around the coastal areas of Florida, their habitat has given way to development. It’s a treat to see a bush of this member of the mint family growing stubbornly in an overgrown space where I take my daily walks.
Entirely hand-crafted using non-toxic Akua intaglio ink, this unique artwork was created in 2021. This artwork was made on acid-free Fabriano Unica paper. Image size is 8″ x 8″ and is mounted to a wooden panel 7/8″ deep, dated and signed on the back.

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